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Grow your own pretty mini flower garden!


Have fun growing colourful California Poppies, neat and pretty Cornflowers, bright Nasturtiums and fun Sunflowers with your friends! Just plant the GroBox where you want your flowers to appear and watch them grow.

Now for the science bit...

The GroBox already contains compost and seed (so it’s easy-peasy to grow!) and is biodegradable - this means that the cardboard will disappear naturally over time once it is planted in the ground. So it’s great for our planet too!

The GroBox also protects the little seedlings from the cold, frost and pesky garden pests so they can grow into healthy, strong plants.

Did you know that sunflower heads follow the sun!

Contains the following seeds:
California Poppy - Jelly Beans
Cornflower - Midget Blue
Nasturtium - Tip Top Velvet
Sunflower - Choco Sun

Sow: April-June
Flowers: June-October

Directions: Planting your GroBox is easy, just follow these simple steps (you might want to get an adult to help you with this bit): 

1. Choose a planting spot that gets good sunshine. Dig a hole to the size of the box and approximately 10cm deep. Remove the coloured sleeve and put the complete cardboard box in the ground, face up. (For best results, remove the lid).
2. Water the box and cover with the soil dug from the hole.
3. Water everything again and keep watering regularly. If you’ve planted your GroBox when the weather is hot and dry, you should water more often. Your seeds will start to germinate in a week or so!
4. Enjoy your beautiful flowers!

Top tip! GroBox will do well in most soils, but try to avoid any waterlogged areas just so the box doesn’t get too mushy!

Actual size of the box: L 29cm (11 1/2") x W 23cm (9") x D 4.5cm (11 3/4").

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