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This clay chimnea features a traditional Sun motif and is finished in a soft yellow earth colour

Includes stand

Product Dimensions:
Bowl Diameter: 35cm
Height: 88cm 

Care Instructions:

To enjoy maximum use from your new clay chimenea please follow these simple steps:

  • Before lighting any fire put 2 inches of either lava stone sand or gravel in the bottom of the chimenea to protect the base from direct heat.
  • 'Cure' the chimenea by building a small paper only fire and allow this to burn out and completely cool.
  • Next build a small wood fire ideally using kindling to allow the sides of the chimenea to gradually heat up. Repeat this a couple of times allowing to fully cool each time.
  • Your chimenea is now ready to use. Each time you use it gradually build up the fire starting small for the first 20 minutes. Only use logs or compressed sawdust products on your fire never coal or charcoal.

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