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Rosemary Blue Lagoon

Rosmarinus officinalis 'Blue Lagoon'


50 cm


90 cm

Suitable for:

Sheltered sunny site with well drained soil. Plant in borders, on banks and slopes and in containers.

This is a less well known form of rosemary, which is distinct in that it is neither upright nor prostrate but has a tendency to do both. The stems are arching and elegant, making this an ideal plant to grow on a slope or in a large container. Like all rosemarys, as a native of the mediterranean region, it prefers hot sun and a light dry soil. Having said that it is tolerant of many soil conditions as long as they are not waterlogged, and will withstand cold temperatures as long as it is sheltered from cold winds and excessive wet. It is important to trim after flowering to keep the plant dense and compact.

Rosemary is a most popular herb in the kitchen. It is used either alone or in a mix such as fines herbes or herbes de Provence. It makes a good partner with both french tarragon and thyme. Sprigs from the tips of branches give a wonderful flavour and aroma to meat dishes and also to robust fish such as salmon. Large sprigs should be removed before serving as they do not soften during cooking. Alternatively the needle like leaves can be finely chopped to add to stuffing mixes, cakes and biscuits, and also jams and fruit salads.

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