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SALIX Pendula 'Kilmarnock' Willow Tree is a well-known ornamental tree. This plant will display beautiful waterfall-like branches with dark-green leaves and grey undersides, covered in golden catkins around Spring time. Renown for their hardy ‘lollipop’ single stem, the Salix tree is perfect to grow in flower borders, small gardens, hedging beds & patios. Between a 10-20 year growing period, this lollipop tree can reach a maximum height and spread of around 200-250cm. Ideally plant in well-drained, moist soil that is deep will keep this hardy little treasure content. Position the tree full sun or situate next to a small body of water such as a stream or a little pond. They also grow well in deep pots on patios with a good watering regime. The ‘Kilmarnock’ Willow Tree requires little maintenance due to their hardy and compact structure. Small specimen with a height of 60-70cm including pot.

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