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Lignin free (spears lack stringiness) Sweet and tender high yielding variety. Good shelf life. Planting Depth: 12cm/5 inches Planting Distance: 30cm/12 inches Planting Time: Autumn or Spring Soil/Position: Asparagus require a free-draining, fertile soil. Prepare a bed by deep-digging the area with a fork, removing any weeds. Adding well-rotted compost, manure or a good general fertilizer will improve yields. Application: Dig a trench 1.2 metres/4ft long and 25cm/10 dep. In the bottom of the trench, raise a small ridge approximately 12cm/5 high. Place the asparagus on top of the ridge with the roots having down the sides. Carefully back-fill the trench and mark the ro Expert Tip: Pacific Purple does not contain lignin, the compound that can sometimes be responsible for tough and stringy spears. This makes this variety sweeter and more palatable and perfect for eating raw in salads.

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