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Navaho® The Big Easy is a worthy successor to the original Navaho®. Like the original mother of the Navaho® blackberry family, it has a strong, upright habit. In general, the large leaves and also the large flowers of this variety stand out. The black, elongated, cone-like fruits are again about 30-50% larger than Navaho® Bigandearly® and they are also much larger than the original Navaho®.
But can such a large, black fruit even be tasty? In any case, the negative association that "large = inferior flavour" does not apply here: like the other Navaho varieties The Big Easy tastes great: it must of course be harvested ripe, and then it has a balanced ratio of sweetness and sourness and also a fine blackberry flavour, which is a little more perfumed and conspicuous than, for example, the old standard variety Loch Ness.

Short description of Blackberry Navaho® The Big Easy®

Medium maturity, starts a little later than Bigandearly® and the harvest does not last as long as Summerlong®.
Huge, elongated, relatively large individual fruits. Despite the size, the entire fruit and the calyx are very pleasant to eat, they almost melt on the tongue.
Has an intense blackberry aroma, slightly perfumed, with enough sugar.

What are Navaho blackberries?
- upright growing
- thornless
- good tasting and aromatic
- robust

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