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Bluecrop - Deciduous shrub with deep green foliage turning to red in the autumn. The delicate bell-like flowers appear in may and the delicious fruits that follow are ready to harvest from late July onwards. Prefers well drained soils.

North LandHardy deciduous shrub with green foliage turning an attractive yellow to red in mid autumn. Compact and moderately spreading. Flowering in may with white flowers and producing sweet fruit from june.

Goldtraube - Upright deciduous shrub hosting dark green foliage with waxy bell-like flowers emerging in may and sweet fruits rippling in July.

Pink Lemonade - Green Leaved deciduous shrub producing edible pink fruits in autumn after white summer flowers. Great benefit to garden wildlife. Prefers most but well drained soils.

All varieties of Blueberry require acid soils.

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