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Excellent tasting culinary variety with upright form - perfect for training into a half standard

The 'Hinnonmaki Green' is a hardy gooseberry bush specifically bred in Finland to help give it excellent disease resistant properties. The berries are large, green coloured and bursting with a sweet, aromatic flavour. Perfect for putting in tarts, pies, crumble and jam.

Variety Information

Resistant To Gooseberry Mildew  Slightly Resistant
Harvesting Period July-August
Estimated Time to Best Yields 2 Years
Uses Eating Fresh, Jam-Making, Cooking

Size Information

Supplied As 3L Pot
Height on Arrival 30cm (1ft)
Planting Distance  0.3-1.5m
Eventual Height & Spread  1.5m x 1.5m (5 x 5ft)

Price: £10.99 - EACH

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